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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Deflated Tire Controversy: Lami Phillips Narrates Her Own Side Of The Story And Defend Her Choice Of Not Voting For Gej Because Of The Incident


R&B singer, Lami Phillips has defended her ‘anti-Jonathan’ tweets where she vowed not to vote President Jonathan.

Lami is furious at the President’s security detail who deflated her car tyres during a cordon of environs around Adetokunbo Ademola ahead of an interactive session between the president and entertainers in Lagos on Sunday.

So President Jonathan was passing Eko hotel & all cars parked on the road had tyres deflated, including mine. Awesome move before elections,” she wrote on Twitter.

She took to instagram to explain her action, “Yesterday I put out this tweet and since then it has become an issue. I shouldn’t have to explain myself as it is my twitter space and opinion but clearly freedom of speech is something we still have to negotiate on this side of the world. I was a guest at Maison Fareinheit for an event. I had decided to drive myself and have an easy Sunday. On getting to the location the officials there in some uniform asked that I park on the road along with at least 20 other cars. The cars where parked properly and there was room for thoroughfare.

“At some point I asked my assistant to get something from my car. She got there to find policemen who claimed to be security detail for the president ordering that all tires should be deflated. She pleaded with them at which point they threatened bodily harm. All the cars on that side of the road where deflated. As far as I know there was no sign saying “no parking” . There was no announcement that any government official would be in town and therefore certain areas were off bounds. I have been for several events at Eko Hotel and more in that area and that space has always been used for parking. This is the only incident that may indicate that perhaps when government officials are in town it is illegal. I still haven’t gotten clarity on that because I asked.”

“Before I formed an opinion I asked myself what the deflation of the tires solved.Had the cars been towed over claims that they were illegally parked with proof, I surely would be quiet. Had the cars been blocking the road I would be quiet. I pride myself in being a good obedient Nigerian citizen.

After all when we go to other countries we obey their laws. My issue here is there was no clarity on what law was broken or what we did to deserve that.

“I wondered for a second what would have happened had I been alone unaware of the situation.

Where would I have gotten help last night. How unsafe would it be at that time to seek help.

“I was not alone. A man whose wife was pregnant came out of another building to find his tires also deflated. Several others too.
“We should not live in fear. We should live in freedom. If they were empowered to do this it is wrong.

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