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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

SHOCK In Anambra As Family Prints Names Of Son’s Killers On His Obituary Poster

This incident which happened in Anambra State might be the most bizarre story of the week but might well serve as a pointer towards the height of wickedness inherent in today’s world.
Here is a young man identified as Chimezie Ononye from the Oba area of the aforementioned state.

The burial poster of Late Mr Chimezie Ononye who was abducted and killed by his kinsmen in Oba, Anambra state

Reports have it that he was the only surviving child of his parents who struggled to make ends meet but ended up laying down his life due to man’s inhumanity to man.

Ononye finally managed to make it after much hardwork, so he finally decided to journey down to his village to make good use of his money by erecting a building on his father’s land.

Events took new turns on his arrival at the village when he noticed that someone was already occupying his land which was bequeathed to him by his dad.

The Trent gathered that about 10 men among his kinsmen connived and sold the land to a total stranger.

The new occupant of the property claimed that they bought the property for N70 million and told him who he bought the land from.

The deceased man was said to have confronted his kinsmen who threatened him to either steer clear or lose his life.

Late Ononye subsequently filed a suit against the gang in court with the list of the 10 suspects all in a bid to recover his land.

He was abducted in the process by some persons believed to be the men from his kindred.

They murdered him and dumped his body which was later discovered.

Meanwhile, the names of the 10 people responsible for the deceaseds death were boldly printed on his burial poster and brochure by his family.
They include:
1. Mr Okechukwu Ilebuka
2. Chief Basil Okeke
3. Nze Alex Obodoekwe
4. Prof. A. O Animalu
5. Engr. Stephen Okonkwo
6. Mr Tochukwu Ananti
7. Engr. Fidelis Ejikume
8. Prince Chibueze Onwugbolu
9. Mr Onyeka Ibe
10. Mr Reuben Ibeagwa
May his soul rest in peace.


  1. This na serious matter. May his soul rest in peace.

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  2. May the culprits not go unpunished. I don't understand why people should be sooooo wicked as to take others lives including one of their own.

  3. I wish the deceased a peaceful repose in God's Kingdom, but these names are only mere suspects. However, I know that Prof. Animalu is highly unlikely to be mixed up in this sort of sordid affair. He was one of my teachers at UNN in the 1980s, and I'm convinced that he would never get involved in murder, regardless of provocation! The authorities must thoroughly investigate this murder and bring the perpetrators to book!

    1. So if u know someone since 80s d person can't change?

    2. You'll be shocked at what pole wld do when money is involved, especially 'free money'. Besides that was in d 80s, this 2015, like 30 years later.

    3. lies, naked lies. he was among 3 persons arrested by police for invading okechukwu's house with weapons to elimnate him because okechukwu and other villagers, including the 10 people they pit in that propaganda poster were opposed to stealing and sale of people's land by a gang of village urchins into which chimezie was lured by his uncle. he died in a hospital where police took him to when he had heart attack while in police custody. the people listed are all innocent, responsible pillars of the village. the name of the village is okuzu-umuezegbogu. one of them is the paramount chief, another is the elected chairman of the village;

  4. No sinner goes unpunished, both the dead and the living.Let's not judge cos only God who sees from above will judge. So many dirty ordeals happening in Oba both land sellers and buyers, you will definitely meet your water loo.

  5. Am not from anambra neither are my from Oba but. according to my friends that r from there,this young man died in police custody and the case is still with them,so why all this propaganda just to tarnish people's image?

  6. this is one of the wicked lies that fly in the internet. chimezie is not an only child. he has at least, 3 brothers and a sister. he was never abducted by anybody, nor was he killed by anybody. he died in a hospital where he was rushed to by police. he was said to be hypertensive and had cardiac arrest. i heard the autopsy report is before the court. chimezie and 3 others, including his uncle, michael ononye, were arrested by Anambra SARS following a petition by Okechukwu ilekuba. they were arrested for invading okechukwu's house one fateful night, with an intention to kidnap him. they were armed with guns, matchetes, ropes, axes, bottles. okechukwu narrowly escaped the assassination attempt. the 3 persons arrested with chimezie were his uncle, michael ononye, their native doctor, ikechukwu abafor who was once arrested and detained for armed robbery, and chimezie anichebe. his uncle lied that he had HIVAIDs, asthma and sickle cell anaemia and based on the lies, police gave him bail. the name of the village is okuzu in oba, idemili south LGA, anambra state. The blogger claimed ononye went to court to challenge those who sold his father's house for N70m. this is a childish lie. go to that village, now, it is his mother and sibblings that are occupying the house; no strange took over anything. the matter before the court is about detention without trial, a case of enforcement of human rights. thecase was still ongoing before he had cardiac arrest. why did they want to kill okechukwu? and why did they want to rope in the prominent sons of the village? it is because they were opposed to the criminal and violent possession and selling of other people's lands in the community by a gang of village criminals. they were also opposed to the formation of youth association in the village by the same gang of hemp-loving boys. chimezie was lured into this gang by his hemp-loving uncle, michael when he returned from lagos. they had also listed, for elimination, these 10 men and several others who attended a meeting where it was resolved that youth formation and sell of peoples lands should not be tolerated or condoned. that thing they claim to be burial poster is merely propaganda poster. there is no burial arrangement, no burial date. can the blogger make available the so-called burial brochure? chimezie's body is still in custody of the security so, how come they have produced burial poster and brochure? i fear that some persons may be required to answer some questions for this wicked libel against innocent and responsible persons.