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Saturday, 7 March 2015

These #BabaWhileYouWereGone tweets will make you laugh so hard on this saturday morning (READ)

PHOTOS: Finally! Buhari Arrives Nigeria From London

Nigerians! What a creative people!

So Buhari returned to Nigeria yesterday  after 15 days out of the country, and the next thing people knew was to report to him all that had been happening in the country while he was away. And trust
Nigerians to do it in that inimitable style which only them can muster.

It was so hilarious, you should ENSURE you are seated while reading the tweets below:

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IG: dappyboy0489 @Dappyboy0489

GEJ did concert for unemployed youths but they got free T-shirt

@mrayedee said you have cancer of the lower mid frame corner of your nso mkpot.
  mutawakkheel @mtwkkl

" Adamu Muazu blamed APC for fuel scarcity and later blamed his IT team for saying his mind."

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