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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Beautiful Wife Of Nigerian Lawyer Nimi Nwofor Speaks On How Depression Pushed Her To Almost Abort Her Baby A Year Ago

Nimi and Beluolisa Nwofor

Nimi Nwofor is quite popular as a stylish and beautiful mother of 5. Married to Rivers State former Governor Rotimi Amaechi’s lawyer Beluolisa Nwofor, SAN, she took to social media to celebrate her beautiful one year old daughter, while speaking on how she got depressed during her pregnancy.

Her baby

In her words:

“This is a story that you ought to read, because it is a true life story, we have to be careful with the decisions we take. LORD have mercy, this is a baby that I almost terminated, when I discovered that I was pregnant with her I was so mad with myself, I went into depression and my husband was not in town he travelled for a case in Abuja, I couldn’t wait, I had to call him and tell him that I’m pregnant and I’m going to take it out, that I don’t want to go through this journey anymore, he calmed me down and begged me to wait for him that please I shouldn’t do it, that he will be returning on Tuesday.

“So he came back on Tuesday, after a long talk with me I refused and said I have to take out the pregnancy,he now said okay we should book for Friday because he has serious cases on Wednesday and Thursday, he will be free on Friday so we can go and take it out.

“Unknown to us the following day which was Wednesday, gunmen stormed his office to kill him, in the process they killed two of his mopols, what a big tragedy. In that shock we left port Harcourt for Lagos on that same Friday. After a week in Lagos, I’d even forgotten that I’m pregnant, my husband now reminded me if I’m still going through with it, I said GOD FORBID I touch not, with everything we have gone through this baby stays, he was very excited and he thanked me soo much, but I didn’t tell him that when I discovered I was pregnant, I took alot of pills before he returned.

“The following week was shiloh and i went and cried to GOD that please nothing should happen to my baby with all those pills that I took, and the GOD of shiloh answered my prayers, I present to you EVA MAKAYLA TAMUNALA CHIOMA NWOFOR.


  1. Chai! Touche! See beautiful pickin she for kill. God is merciful. ThankGod for her life.

  2. Hmmmm. Thank God. I love Nimi Nwofor, i'm one of her fans on IG😊.