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Monday, 31 August 2015

Nigerian Policeman Orders A Mother To Bring Her Boobs Out To Show That The Child Belongs To Her

According to an eye witness who witnessed this bizarre scene, their bus was stopped somewhere in Owerri and all the passengers inside the bus were searched and when it got to the turn of this woman, the policeman told the woman that he needed a proof to show that the baby she was carrying actually belongs to her

Hear the anonymous  eye witness as he continues the narration of what happened  from here after the cut

"The woman brought out the babies hospital card and wanted to call her husband, he refused and said the woman should breastfeed the child, so madam decided to mock the he goat policeman so she laughed at him and brought out her breast, entered the car and started feeding her child. Oga police said no way. He has to see nipple and milk. At that point I flipped and told the woman to pull the breast out proper and show him dripping milk , another man would have been ashamed not this one he stood there and made the woman splash milk. That was his proof the child was hers and we were allowed to leave.

I saw something. This country is sick. If I saw his number I would have taken it to Arase's group. But they were not numbered and that itself is totally wrong"he concluded

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