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Sunday, 31 January 2016

APC In Strong Terms Condemns The Transfer Of Father Mbaka, Claims 'Anti-Buhari Elements Were Behind The Action

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The caucus of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the south-east on Sunday said some persons who were displeased with the support which Ejike Mbaka, spiritual director of the Adoration Ministries Enugu (AMEN), gave to President Muhammadu Buhari in the build up to the 2015 election, influenced his new posting. Mbaka, the most popular Catholic priest in the south-east, was transferred from Christ the King Parish in GRA Enugu to Our Lady Parish, in Emene, a remote community in the state. 

Reacting to the development in a statement issued on Sunday, Osita Okechukwu, spokesman of the APC South-East caucus, said the new posting would affect a lot of people, particularly “the poor people who were in need of his healing power”. “

Whereas we accept that the transfer of priests is a routine exercise of the great Catholic Church, however we do not wholly accept a situation where the church allows external forces to influence transfer as the Mbaka’s case suggests,” the statement read. “Otherwise, future liberation clergy who speak truth to power will be hamstrung to the detriment of the society. “Our major concern is the security implications and the fate of his flocks who are mostly the downtrodden who may find it difficult to go to Emene for salvation and healing. “We frown at anything which will put Fr. Mbaka in harms way or deny his flocks healing. 

“As a party, we have watched with concern and trepidation the criticism, the attack, assault and unpleasant comments hurled against Fr. Mbaka since he providentially prophesied that President Buhari would win the 2015 election. “Even the Church did not spare him – he was called unprintable names, yet his prophecy came true. 

“We are happy that Fr. Mbaka was vindicated. It must be pointed out that accusing fingers were pointed at the direction of some anti-Buhari elements like Ohanaeze Ndigbo, a group that didn’t want to hear the name of Buhari – even though Ohanaeze denied the allegation, doubts still persists. “We repeat that we are in solidarity with Fr. Mbaka and our major concern is the security of Fr. Mbaka and the suffering of his flocks mostly the poor who need his healing powers. 

“We had thought that His Lordship Bishop Calistus Onaga could have retained him at the Adoration Ground, as the Bishop Emeritus Gbuji did because of security of his life and easy access by his flocks.” Adored by his thousands of followers as ever, Mbaka left Enugu on Saturday accompanied by a huge crowd, to whom he moaned about the challenges he would face at his new station. “I know we are going to suffer between now and a few months to come. I am going to suffer and suffer. I know that,” he was quoted him as saying. “I’m going to suffer because I have no place to put my head. I am going to suffer because I have no place to keep the Adoration Ministry’s assets. “I know I’m going to suffer. Fortunately, it is going to happen in the month of lent. So, I am going to use my exit here as a Lenten observance but Jesus said it all in John 16:20 to his apostles that you will be sorrowful and the world will be rejoicing but very soon I will turn your sorrow to joy. “But, for now, I know you are going to suffer. The Adoration Ministry is passing through suffering right now even though I’ve accepted that is the will of God. Is the will of God through suffering? It is a mega suffering.”

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