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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Dear Nigerian Men, Cancel Your Flight, the Eritrea Forced Polygamy Report’s “Not True”: Read What Their Law Says On Polygamy

Cancel your flight. The Eritrea story is false.

The so called Eritrean two-wives legislation is not true and has so far remained unsubstantiated despite the fact that it has already gone into an overdrive.

It is merely the imagination of a Kenyan news medium, The Standard, with a reputation for inaccurate reportage.

Polygamy is even disallowed in Eritrea and only allowed on cultural or religious grounds. Therefore forced polygamy (or even bigamy) has no place in Eritrean laws.

 I am sorry if that breaks your heart, but for those willing to take it to another level, this is the truth before yahoo boys start scamming you with their Eritrean marriage proposal emails.

Therefore, enjoy the joke while it lasts, and make sure it remains as it is.

Now, here’s what Eritrean law says about marriage:


Eritrea law on marraige

Eritrea law on marraige


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