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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Ex beauty Queen, Dabota Lawson Files For Divorce From Billionaire Hubby Sunny Aku, Deletes her Instagram Account


Ex beauty Queen Dabota Lawson,wife to billionaire Businessman Sunny Aku has filed for divorce from him

According to, Dabota moved out of billionaire Sunny Aku's house over 4 months ago from fear of the unknown and has filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

 According to the papers filed asking for divorce,Dabota claims Sunny Aku was still married as at when he married her and on those grounds she could not continue with the sham of a 'Marriage'.

What came as a shock to those who know the ‘couple’ was that they put up a fa├žade of bliss everywhere they went during their ill-fated relationship and made many look forward to getting hooked to sugar daddy. They were never shy to reiterate how much they were in love; holding hands and cooing into their ears and looking straight into each other’s eyes.

Theirs seemed to be a love affair made in heaven but disrupted by the wiles, whims and ways of the parties involved. The allegations and counter-allegations are as wide as they are wild.

After his unsavoury romance with Dabota, Aku has decided to hibernate and sequester himself from social circles where he was hitherto a primus inter pares. The day the ill-fated union crashed, he was broken and battered. He wept and wailed like a bad-tempered banshee. Nothing happen. Dabota has moved on.

The deleted Instagram account
 In a related development, Former beauty queen and CEO of Billionaire Wife Ltd Dabota Lawson has deleted her Instagram page completely. Her action comes a few days after it was noticed by her avid followers that she had deleted all photos of her husband, Sunny Aku as well as all photos she took in their home together.

It was also noticed that Dabota Lawson had also deleted a particular video posted in 2015 that had been shared with the aim of dispelling rumours about her marriage breaking up

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