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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

General Gowon's Son Jack Musa Who Was Recently Released From American Prison Speaks On His Jail Conviction And Other Issues(Read)

General Gowon's son, Musa Gowon released this statement from the facility where he is being held ,  ICE Detention Center Bakersfield CA  In America where he will be deported back to Nigeria any moment from now  and the statement is titled
Musa Gowon : The Rebuttal

See the statement when you continue after the cut

Musa Gowon : The Rebuttal

After many years of remaining silent on this matter, as well as current events, especially what has been reported in the media concerning I and my late mother, Dr. Edith Ifeoma Ike, I am compelled to respond now, to the many egregious statements and allegations that are not founded or based on actual events or reality. It has increasingly become untenable for me, as the subject matter, to ignore any longer, libel that paints me in an unfavorable light, notwithstanding those who attempt to reflect me in positive terms, fell flat, due to haste and made-up information. I do not mean to term this missive a diatribe against the “bloggers” or the general media, but some entities have taken unsubstantiated allegations and printed as fact. That is unbecoming of a world-renowned publication that should get it right, all the time. It would have been totally inappropriate, in my opinion, not to rectify and answer to some of these allegations and misrepresentations of who I am, and what transpired. In this case study, the sales pitch was simple: It depicted an unassuming picture of me, with a captivating headline, hence, compelling people to read the new exploding event, which was buttressed to make the story more salacious, than factual. As I observed from my vantage point, and as the story seamlessly transitioned from a ‘blog’ to the mainstream media, I marveled at the lack of “fact checking” that has been absent from the narrative. The litany of glaring errors contained within some of these articles is MIND BOGGLING, and I am solely writing in this forum to refute and rebut these vastly exaggerated statements.

Although I am painfully very private in nature, and given the fact that I have not uttered a word about the dilemma since it occurred, I recognize that there is some interest in this matter, and as such, you are hearing from the plaintiff. I have got to once again reiterate the fact that I do not begrudge those who have tried to put out information concerning my personal matter, but I am trying to ebb the toxic, inflammatory rhetoric, innuendo and hearsay that some have spewed on a subject they know nothing about. Even the transcript by the U.S. government contains lies and fabrications to obtain a conviction. It is well known that the prosecutor’s office can make you into whatever they want, especially if you don’t cooperate.

Given the piteous nature of my story, and the fact that it has dragged out for many years, I am flummoxed that the media is now showing concern, when I had been in the same place and predicament for over 23 years. Where was the investigative journalism team, to uncover evidence that may have exonerated me so long ago? Where was the diligence in reporting on actual and corroborating facts, instead of regurgitating old and misleading information? How is it that a blogger can’t get my name right, and yet everyone follows the error and reprints it as fact? Can the media I so respect, be so gaffe prone?

Moving forward, I have got to categorically and unequivocally state beyond a shadow of doubt that the allegations leveled against me were not true, and made-up. I however have to admit to my culpability that warrants condemnation in the matter, as I knowingly associated with nefarious characters, due to my youthful indiscretion and naivet√©. That in itself should not subjugate me to being something I am not (Colombian Cartel Member – that was funny), nor should my refusal to cooperate with the U.S. government against others, subject me to an ungodly amount of time. Just for the record, it was one of our own people that “fingered” me out to the federal government, to save his “hide.” May the Lord bless him. I could have done the same, but I am a stronger and better man.
The American Jurisprudence and legal system is so abstract, and at times, can be arbitrary in nature that one who has no criminal history or behavior, can summarily be sentenced harshly, with no consideration for prior excellent existence. This is due to the mandatory minimum sentencing guideline that was adopted by the Reagan administration. So theoretically, my sentencing went from a 3 years conspiracy charge, to a 27 years sentence; all because I refused to deal or “Snitch” and I had the audacity to take them to trial. This, in my opinion, is draconian and part of the story the bloggers missed. The sentence was “overkill” and was capricious and wantonly unreasonable. Nonetheless, give me no pity, but recognize that I stood-up like a dignified man in the face of great and life altering adversity, and never broke down, wavered or succumbed. As a matter of fact, I strived and persevered under the most daunting and abominable conditions, and by the grace of God, I survived for he was with me… all the way.

Secondly, it was mentioned that I was kidnapped by my dear late mother, and taken to America. That statement cannot be further from the truth. The truth and more boring fact is that I relocated to the USA on my own accord, with no prodding from anyone. People who know me are laughing at that misinformation. It was further alleged that I became rebellious, as I did not approve of my late mother’s flamboyant and lavish lifestyle. The truth of the matter is that, Dr. Edith Ifeoma Ike was the dearest and most loving mother my brother and I could ever have had. Far from what was stated, she never relocated to the U.S., but led a simple existence in Nigeria where she worked hard to provide for her children, and was a champion for women’s right & equality in the workplace and society at large. For anyone to disparage her legacy in this manner, or state otherwise, never knew Ifeoma Ike. She was simply put, the best mother I could ever have, and was a fantastic mentor and role model to her children… I miss her so dearly. Thanks for the good life you provided us ‘ma’… we shall always love you mother. Sleep well and rest in peace!

To state matters as I know, my father never “cut” me off for being with my mother… just never happened. I love and respect him for all that he has done for our people. That’s all I have to say on that subject. I wish him, his wife & family the best.

I recently was privy to information that I was the recipient of a pardon in the USA. This is the problem when one publication writes or gives out wrong information, everyone else follows suit without checking to make sure the info is real. Well, I hate to be a “party pooper” but that never occurred. If I am a free man today, and out of my predicament, it was because of the hard work I performed while researching my case and others, over the years, coupled with the recent 2-point reduction I filed to the 5th Circuit District Court. My case had merit and relief was granted, and a sentence reduction was issued, thus setting me free at long last, and due to the power of the Lord. I was granted 5 years and 3 months early release. So my people, prior information pertaining to presidential clemency is absolutely erroneous and not true nor accurate. Once again, I have to say I don’t have ill feelings for those who put out such misleading information on me, but I stress this point because people believe what is written and I think in a fiduciary capacity that they are in, (press) they should try and get such serious facts right before disseminating them to the public. I truly believe that the bloggers and reporters meant well, they just did not have the proper or correct sauce for their information with regards to me.

Those that know me would agree that I am the kindest and most humble individual one can ever meet. I am assertive in my positions, but hardly rebellious. So what happened to me was a devastating, heartbreaking, life altering experience, and it should never have happened. Hence, when entities callously write about such matters, they should consider those their words may impact adversely or negatively, especially if it can’t be authenticated.
I know that some people have a job to do, but just be good! One of the final bones of contention is that someone has continually stated that I am coming “back to the land he was born… Nigeria.” I hate to say it again, but although I love my country and pray that I can one day see it again, I was not born in Nigeria… I was born in Brussels, Belgium and migrated to Nigeria when I was a young lad. But the author could never have known that except someone is feeding them very wrong and bad information. To the reading public, just be cautious as to all you read may not be accurate.

I have got to use this opportunity to thank all those wonderful and kind individuals (Nigerians and Americans) who have steadfastly stood by my side and shown support over those long and arduous years. I specially want to thank my brother, Mr. Richard Dapo Oseloka Ike and Dr. Elsie Ofoh for all the help they have given me, especially in coordinating my communication with family and old school friends whom I have missed dearly. There are so many other wonderful and good people who helped me along the way that I can’t possibly mention all, but you know whom you are. You all are good and extraordinary humans and you shall be rewarded for not giving up on one of yours. I shall never take your love and kindness for granted: I have spoken to some of you and you know the deal. I am still the same “Big Mus” you all knew growing up and I can’t wait to reconnect with you in person. To my lovely cousins on both sides, I love you and miss you all… remember, I don’t differentiate when it comes to family. You are all part of me and vice versa.

I don’t want to be a distraction, and I am grateful for the support and guidance those close to me have given over the years. Nothing should excuse my behavior and I apologize to all whom I may have inadvertently affected by being away this long.

I would end this missive by quoting a verse from the Bible that I found so profound in meaning. We should all look for the bigger meaning in this, my ordeal, and remember that Proverbs 24:16-17 states:

“For the righteous man falls seven times and rise again… But the wicked shall fall by calamity.
Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles.”
Much love to all,
Musa Jack Udogadi Gowon

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