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Monday, 14 December 2015

Powerful’ Pastor And The ‘Juju’ Priest. Working For Him, Strip Naked In Imo State


A bizzare drama unfolded in Orlu, Imo State on saturday, when an undisclosed pastor believed to be the founder of Holiness of Heaven Ministries, was stripped naked, alongside his accomplice, an alleged ‘juju’ priest.

According to reports, the pastor was ‘very powerful’ and performed numerous miracles, ranging from prophesying to healing of the sick.

The pastor however, got into trouble when a woman (names witheld) who happens to be the pastor’s wife raised alarm of his fetish association with a very dangerous native doctor within the community.
As the story goes, some irate village youth mobilized and raided the pastor’s church and personal chambers.

It was alleged that a lot of fetish items were discovered.

This eventually led to the burning down of the church and the shrine of the juju priest before the alleged ritualists were paraded around town naked.


  1. He is not so lucky... Waiting for the next unlucky one