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Friday, 27 February 2015

Chadian military captures suspected members of Boko Haram, including "The Butcher"

A man, whom the Chadian military say they have taken prisoner for belonging to insurgent group Boko Haram, is seen in Gambaru February 26, 2015. The Chadian military nicknamed the man "the Butcher".

It is longer news  that Nigerian Military with the combined effort of our good  neighbors are winning the Boko Haram war

Seized towns are being liberated and the keys actors of the sect, arrested and taken into custody by the courageous Nigerian and Chadian Military fighting hard to curtail the menace of the sect

See for yourself after the cut, photos of the new development in the war against Boko Haram Terror

A prisoner suspected of being a member of insurgent group Boko Haram sits in the field base of Chadian soldiers in Gambaru,

A boy, who the Chadian military say is the son of a Boko Haram fighter the Chadian military killed during battle  

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