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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Video: If We Can’t be One Nigeria, Let Us Divide – Father Ejike Mbaka

Father Mbaka endorses current Deputy President Ike Ekweremadu before the 2015 elections in Enugu

Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka is in the news again. This time, his words are being used to boost the renewed agitation for Biafra The Trent Newspaper reports 

In a video during a night prayer session, Mbaka is seen kneeling and making lamentations and declarations. At some point, he declares for a division of Nigeria re-echoing long-standing ethnic sentiments in the country.

“In some countries, Nigerians are treated like monkeys. One of the biggest oil producing countries in the whole universe. That chain that is holding Nigeria will break this night, in Jesus’ name,” he prays in the video which was uploaded on YouTube on October 30, 2015.

“If we must be one Nigeria, let it be one Nigeria! If we cannot be one Nigeria, let us divide!
“I repeat it. So that when they begin to misquote me, catch me right. Those that are coming to arrest, get ready to be arrested too by the heavenly powers.

“If we have to be one Nigeria, let it be one Nigeria. But, if we cannot be one Nigeria. Let us divide.
“If we are to divide, some Igbo people would want to be Hausa. Of course you know that. So let everybody go to where he wants to go to.

“There are some Igbo people who have no hut in their father’s house here. But they have 10 storey buildings in Abuja, in Lagos.

“Have you ever seen any story building built by a Hausa man in Igboland?” Mbaka asked as the crowd chants “No”.

“One Nigeria. Not even a hut. What is happening?

“Let us tell ourselves the truth,” he declares as the undated video cuts.

Mbaka is a controversial Roman Catholic priest who is also the founder of Adoration Ministries based in Enugu. He is known for making predictions on the outcome of elections in Nigeria. 
His is also remembered for endorsing General Muhammadu Buhari in the 2015 elections calling for “change”, just weeks after endorsing then, President Jonathan.

Mbaka’s about-face earned him scorn from Goodluck Jonathan supporters and high praise from Buhari

See the video below

It is unclear when this sermon/prayer session was delivered/held.

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