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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Senator Ita Giwa Denies Involvement In Late Husband, Dele Giwa’s Murder

Ita Giwa denies involvement in Dele Giwa’s murder

Former Presidential Liaison Officer to the National Assembly, Senator Florence Ita Giwa has said that the recent ” revelations ” by the octogenarian former Deputy Inspector General of Police, Christopher Omeben, insinuating in one breathe that Dele Giwa’s assassination via a parcel bomb may have been remotely connected to his “unhealthy relations with his “estranged wife” and in the next breathe naming   Kayode Soyinka, Dele’s colleague who was the only survivor and eye witness of the dastardly act as the ” prime suspect ” is condemnable

In a statement signed  by her Media Liaison Officer, Mr. Jonathan Eze,  she told the aging clergy man that where she comes from the women are famous for valuing their men.

The statement reads in parts: “It is very possible that the aged former crime fighter , is hallucinating on account of the blemish his shoddy handling of the case had cast on what might have been labeled an illustrious police career. Without a doubt the “estranged wife” referred to by our deluded former police chief is none other than the Distinguished Senator Florence Ita-Giwa, who was once married to the late Dele Giwa .

“At the risk of sounding impetuous, it would appear that the former detective turned clergy man is now clutching at straws in a puerile attempt to cover up his crass incompetence with regard to the case.

“Just because Christopher Omeben lacked the courage at the time to pursue the obvious suspects at the time , does not give him a right to bandy spurious allegations in the twilight of his life.
Senator Florence Ita-Giwa was never considered a person of interest in the immediate aftermath of the murder, so for her name to be linked to this most reprehensible crime nearly 30 years after is preposterous to say the least.

“The Senator categorically denies being with Dele Giwa the night before his death as the senator was in Calabar as a member of a state government empanelled committee

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