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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Is My Mum Going To Die? Diezani’s 14yr-old ONLY Son Chimezie Ask, As Husband Breaks Down Over Wife’s illness

Is my mummy going to die? Diezani’s only son, Chimezie queries

For Rear Admiral Alison Amaechina Madueke, cancer is a disease that afflicts him in horrific ways; it claimed his first wife and now his second wife, Diezani Alison-Madueke is down with cancer. The latter, who is currently the subject of prosecution by British justice system over certain grievous allegations of fraud, is allegedly fighting to reclaim her life from the talons of the hideous disease.

As Diezani battles to expunge her soul of cancer and extricate herself from the quicksand of prosecution on fraud into which she sashayed with her eyes wide open, her husband, Rear Admiral Alison-Madueke, fights an equally daunting battle privately, at the home front. Having lost his first wife to cancer, his second brush with the disease, dismounts his mind and enrages it.

Rear Admiral Alison-Madueke is indeed a troubled man. Just when he was struggling to take news about his wife’s imminent prosecution for fraud in good faith, the gravity of her purported cancer affliction dawned on him like a dark pall and hurts him deeply to see his second wife wither away to the disease that killed his first wife.

According to Diezani ’s interview with Bashorun Dele Momodu recently, “I called my only biological son, Chimezie, 14, in April this year and said to him Mummy has cancer… He asked me if Mummy was going to die…”


  1. Truly sad to see the devastating effects of cancer at the home front and now coupled with the alleged fraud case hanging over head.

    U hope she finds a way out of cancer at least the sake of her family. Vivien Ngozika

  2. I hate when bloggers who are lawyers write like illiterates. How can Deziani be "The latter, who is currently the subject of prosecution by British justice system over certain grievous allegations of fraud"? Whom did she defraud in London? The only "crimes" she can be charged with are money laundering and tax evasion as "fraud" is not a crime with limitless jurisdiction.
    Then again, I hate when bloggers mislead. "subject of prosecution", can you please give her case number and what court she is being prosecuted in? What are the charges? Dumbass.

    Deziani is not the subject of any PROSECUTION. She is not in any law courts in the land. A total of about 32 thousand dollars CASH is seized from her and her family in what is most likely tax evasion or violation of cash policy. Saying she is facing prosecution should have this blogger facing prosecution for libel...or at least facing opprobrium.