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Thursday, 30 October 2014

I go to Beer Parlour Every Friday To Relate With The Common Man - Governor Fayose of Ekiti

According to PUNCH NEWSPAPER, The Governor of Ekiti State, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, has revealed that he goes to beer parlour every Friday in order to enable him to get close to the common man in the state.

The governor spoke with journalists in Abuja on Thursday while defending the concept of what he said to be “stomach infrastructure” introduced by his new government.

He said it would be wrong for people to assume that "stomach infrastructure" means only sharing of food and money to the people.

Fayose defended his decision of going to beer parlours, saying that it would be wrong to equate governance with church or morality.

His Words:
“I also go to beer parlour on Friday to stay with the common men there. Governance is not church, it is about diverse characters and you have to relate with them as they are.

Still speaking, “Christmas is coming. Why do people go out of their ways to be shopping or doing other things if it is not just to make people merry?

“So, I’m grooming chicken, buying rice, yams, plantain, and the rest of them. I am sure if I give it to families during the festive period, they will be happy. So, stomach infrastructure is a way of life.”

Gov. Fayose said most people, who commit crime do so because they felt that life was no longer worthy of living for them and that there was no one to tell them that there was life for them.

He said it was because of this that he set up a department for stomach infrastructure and also appointed a special assistant and a personal assistant on it.

“So, my style without apology is that stomach infrastructure is a way of life for me, I will relate well with my people to alleviate poverty and hunger in Ekiti,” he further said.

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