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Friday, 30 October 2015

"I Became A Father And Had My Only Child (Adeola Aanuoluwapo Ogunwusi) At The Age Of 19"-The New Ooni Of Ife Speaks


This News site made a report on WEDNESDAY about the new  Ooni of Ife and his only child who stays in London where she is a student

A lot of people questioned the report claiming that the girl is the wife and not the child as we reported

Interestingly the New Ooni validated our report by making public on the same WEDNESDAY that he became a father to Adeola at age 19

Hear the New Ooni as he speaks

“From birth, my life has been a journey; one that I embarked on, saddled with great conscientiousness when I became a responsible father at the age of 19, which shaped and groomed me for greater challenges ahead.

“To cater for my family as a young father, I became very enterprising with the knack of building something out of nothing. This certainly increased my temperament for being successful in all my endeavours, as well as towing the right path as a responsible father.

“Thus, in the following years, I was able to build consortia of companies with a team of well-versed, highly skilled and unskilled professionals from scratch and with hard work and God’s providence. This has made me a huge employer of labour and a captain of industries. The story of Ile-Ife begins as the cradle of civilisation and has spread its tentacles beyond Black Africa.”

The Ile-Ife of his dreams, Prince Ogunwusi said, would be one that will be strategically positioned to empower its people socially, economically and culturally to bring about the desired developments.
The Ooni-elect, though optimistic, was aware of the task ahead, as he also said: “Now, with our resolve to transform Ile-Ife, we are ‘SET’ to leave no stone unturned, in the drive to put Ile-Ife on the map of the world. Our ultimate goal is to reposition the House of Oduduwa as a worthy example of successful inward-looking community.

“The Ooni stool is highly revered and exalted and as the world looks on; our strength and emphasis need to be injected into the development of Ile-Ife as a beacon of hope and enviable city.
“Suffices to say that Ile-Ife is the ancestral and spiritual home of all Yorubas, bona fide, in Nigeria and the Diaspora, and the World Headquarters of the House of Oduduwa, which comprises people resident in nearly all the continents of the world.

“Thus, the Ooni, as the head of the vast Oduduwa family, must be no less versatile and resourceful. Available evidences from the curatorial community and archaeological discoveries have put the origin of Ile-Ife around 2000 years BC.”

Alluding to how he had helped many young minds wandering the street to be meaningfully engaged, he maintained that an end has come to the Modakeke-Ife crisis.

Ogunwusi also promised not to seek vengeance against those who tried to tarnish his image and person in the build up to the contest for the stool.

I am not coming to the throne to pass judgment on those that have maliciously wronged me. But then, I should think that a bid to be enthroned as the foremost Oba in Yoruba race should be healthy and ordained of God. There is also the Ifa divination that also synthesizes the process, just in case human beings are partial.

“Therefore, I am coming to set a good example and show the world that I am truly called by God to lead Ile-Ife into a state of tranquility, conscientiousness and prosperity. It is my fervent prayer that the Lord will continue to guide us all and bestow us with great wisdom to carry out our incumbent tasks.”

 Ogunwusi has a daughter, Adeola Aanuoluwapo Ogunwusi.

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