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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Pop singer Kecee surprises couple by performing for free at their wedding


If wishes were horses, beggars would ride goes a maxim. Kenechukwu Gloria and Chidiebere Livinus’ would give anything to have their favourite Nigerian singer, KCee perform at their wedding.
But for obvious reasons, they simply made do with just having his song played by the DJ.
 On Saturday, Limpopo Master Kcee traveled all the way to Anambra state to give a newly married couple the surprise of their lifetime by performing for free at their celebration and showering them with gifts..

The lucky couple got the biggest surprise of their life when KCee sauntered into the reception hall of their wedding ceremony. That was not all, the singer also came with two android phone gifts for the couple.
Their young nuptials had got onto a perfect start.
According to KCee the couple are lovers of his new single ‘Agbonma’ which they request whenever they hangout at a spot where his Disc Jockey friend, DJ Skilo performs.

 KCee shared a video and gushed about the ceremony on his Instagram account.
“My attention was drawn to a certain couple that loves the KCEE brand through my Dj friend by name Dj skool and wished they could have me perform for them at their wedding. 
They also wished he could perform at their wedding. DJ Skilo told KCee about this and he decided to surprise the couple by performing at their wedding.
According to DJ skilo, they kept on requesting for my new song #agbonma each time they came by his spot to relax. I really got touched and decided to surprise them by going to perform for them for free on the day of their wedding in appreciation to them and all the fans and friends all over the world who has believed the KCEE brand both in good and bad times.
“I want to use this medium to show my appreciation and loyalty to you all. Happy married life to the new couple by name Kenechukwu Gloria & Chidiebere Livinus, both from Anambra state now mr and mrs LIVINUS . Stay tuned for more fans reward and appreciation from KCEE and GOD bless you all” wrote KCee.

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