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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Nigerian Girl gets Dumped by Boyfriend after Bleaching her dark colour to Satisfy Him

 Story as shared online by AlihKizito:


My name is Ladi and my friend is in a dilemma now. She is living in shock of the reality that her 8 months boyfriend just dumped her for “not being the kind of fair he wants.” She once told me that her boyfriend told her that it wouldn’t be bad for her to be a little lighter because he feels he is often attracted to light skinned ladies.

I discouraged her from bleaching her skin and she told me I would not understand what dark skinned ladies like her go through. I told her that if a guy doesn’t like her the way she is, then he doesn’t deserve her.

But when I returned from a trip after 5 weeks, my friend had changed completely from the dark coloured lady she used to be to a light skinned lady; even lighter than I am.
Now she is telling me that Johnson has dumped her and told her he feels embarrassed walking side by side with her and that she has a particular odour he can’t stand.

She said he told her all these and many more to her face after he had been avoiding her and refusing to pick her call, till she eventually tracked him down to ask what was wrong with their relationship.

I really want to help her but she doesn’t want to move on and is blaming herself for using cheap cream instead of bleaching like a big girl. Please my fellow people, what do I tell her to get her out of this mess.

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