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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

5 Young Nigerians Below 30 Who Against All Odds Excel And Run A Successful Business

You will agree with me that its not easy to breakthrough in business especially when you are from

this part of the world where there is little or no assistance from the government and the private sectors.

More daunting is the fact that you are just fresh school leaver with practically no experience in the business world, these odds alone is enough to make you quit and join the long numbers of those looking for paid employment.

However, these young Nigerians defile all odds to see their dreams come to reality by not giving up and at the end of the day they are glad they didnt allow the circumstances around them kill their dreams.

We have put this list together to get you to see the possibility around you because there is no other inspiration that can make a man keep pushing than when you see folks who found themselves in the same or even worse circumstances than yours excel in what they have set their mind to do.

Kindly take your time to go through this list and i believe you will draw the necessary inspiration and motivation you need to forge ahead……..MAY WE ALL SUCCEED

1. Abiola Olaniran ( Founder, Gamsole)

Abiola Olaniran, 26, is the founder and CEO of Nigerian gaming company, Gamsole.

He founded the company in 2012, and it has venture backing 88mph, a kenyan seed fund. The company game now has more than 9million downloads both locally and internationally on the windows phone store.

Abiola Olaniran is Nigeria’s highest paid Windows game developer, Gamsole creates games for the Windows phone platform, taking advantage of its fast growth and unsaturated gaming market.

Gamsole’s games now gross over nine million downloads. Some of their Popular games include Juicy Links and Cookie Jam.

2. Rex Idaminabo (Founder, Achievers Media)

Idaminabo,29, is the founder and CEO Achievers media, the organisation that host the popular African Achievers awards. This even is an annual event that recognizes individuals and organisations that have distinguished themselves in their contribution to the growth and development of Africa.

The event generates over $1M in sponsorship revenue annually. Rex is also the co-founder of young CEO’s business forum and was recently appointed as an advisory board of the world’s leaders forum in Dubai.

3. Uche Pedro (Founder, Bellanaija)

Pedro, 31, is one of Nigerian most popular news media entrepreneur.

The 31  year-old Nigerian media entrepreneur is the founder of BainStone Limited, a thriving new media company that develops online media content for African (primarily Nigerian) audiences. BainStone’s flagship media property, is Nigeria’s premier lifestyle, entertainment and fashion website, and garners an average of 10 million page views every month.

4. Iyinoluwa Aboyeji ( Founder, Andela)

Iyinoluwa, 23 years old is a co-founder at Andela, a global talent accelerator that trains young intelligent Africans to be world class developers and then connect them with top empl0yers around the world looking for top technical talents.

Some of Andela’s clients includes the founders of facebook, ebay and AOL.

5. Mark Essien (Founder,
mark (11 of 13)

Mark Essien, 30 is the founder of, Nigeria’s fastest growing hotel booking website.

The online portal allows users from all over the world to book rooms from a selection of over 6000 hotels in Nigeria.
The company has so far raised over @250,000 in funding from spark fund among other investors.