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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Ministerial Nomination Blues(Read)

Ministerial Designate, Amina

Fayemi: My nomination came as a surprise

Do Not Clear Tunde Fashola, He Is Corrupt – CACOL Petitions Senate

Gombe Youths Reject Amina as Minister

Different reaction has continue to trail the announcement of the ministerial list unveiled by the senate president earlier today. This time around, the reaction came from one of the nominees and the parties kicking against the nomination of two nominees in the ministerial list

Read the report below: 

A group known as Youth Salvation Awareness Forum Tuesday called on President Muhammadu Buhari to have a rethink over the appointment of Amina Ibrahim Azubir as a Minister-designate from Gombe state.

Spokesman for the group, Abubakar Umar, Coordinator, Youth Salvation Awareness Forum, Gombe state chapter, said: “It is very disheartening in the sense that Amina Azubir was not part and parcel of APC and its development in this state.

“She was not a card-carrying member, and she had not contributed to the success of this government, and so, it is surprising and ridiculous to hear that she has been appointed”.

He said the list of appointees indicated that 95% of them are card carrying members of APC and in some states and wondered why it should not be the same in Gombe.

He said: “If it is the issue of credibility, I think there are people that are more credible and capable than Amina here in Gombe state APC that can even represent Gombe state very well at the Ministerial level more than her”.


The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) has petitioned the Nigerian Senate, cautioning the upper legislative body against approving the candidature of former Governor of Lagos, Babatunde Fashola (SAN) as a prospective minister.

In a petition it dated 3rd October, 2015 and also copied to President Muhammadu Buhari and Speaker of the House, Yakubu Dogara, the CACOL queried the alleged selection of Fashola by the President as one of the men of “integrity” and competence who will be called to serve in the Buhari administration.

CACOL stated, “It would also be recalled that Mr. President had said that the would-be ministers would assist his administration to perform differently from the previous governments because Nigerians desired more than anything else.

“And as a result, CACOL as well as other well-meaning Nigerians were expecting a relatively new set of people with clean records of integrity and competency in public or private services to make the list.

“Howbeit, if the rumour making waves in some quarters, which has also been confirmed by some sections of the media is anything to go by, we would say Nigerians’ hope for a true change has been dashed with the inclusion of some names that in a sane environment should not appear on the list, if integrity and honesty are the basis of the selection criteria.

“We are therefore constrained at this point in time to bring to your attention our critical reaction to the rumoured nomination of the immediate past governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Fashola as a minister in the new government.

“While recognizing the President’s constitutional prerogative and right to make appointments as deemed fit, the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders considers it a service to the nation, by providing information that might be helpful to your ratification in that regard.

“It is gratifying that President Muhammadu Buhari, at various fora, having recognized the need to ensure that square pegs are put in square holes, had promise that his appointments would purely be on merit and that tested technocrats, with impeccable records, would be given their rightful places in his administration, as a way of ensuring good governance to the people of Nigeria.

“It is against this background that our Coalition is appealing to the Senate to please take the pains to dig deep into Mr. Babatunde Fashola’s record of overall performance as well as that of financial propriety on the part of his government while in office.

“Going by our corporate policy, CACOL ordinarily does not react to speculations but given the grave implication of having to keep quiet, only to speak up after such appointment must have been ratified, would only amount to crying over spilt milk, we deem it necessary to use this medium to sensitize you on this development,” CACOL said.

The coalition then went on to “blow the whistle” on some of Fashola’s alleged corrupt practices.

February 3, 2010: To the EFCC and February 15, 2010 To the ICPC titled ALLEGATION OF CORRUPTION AGAINST LAGOS STATE GOVERNMENT: ICPC SHOULD INVESTIGATE – our reaction to THE PUNCH newspaper advertorial of January 28, 2010, under the title “The True Face of Lagos” on allegations of corrupt practices, signed by certain Mr. Kasali Martins and Dr. Tunde George who are Lagos residents, against the state government, which catalogued on a number of questionable claims of expenditure incurred by it.

• January 20, 2011: To the ICPC titled RE: ALLEGATION OF CORRUPTION AGAINST LAGOS STATE GOVERNMENT: THE ICPC SHOULD INVESTIGATE – REMINDER AND FURTHER ALLEGATIONS – our follow-up action to the above and a fresh reaction to the INSIDER WEEKLY newsmagazine edition of November 15, 2010 which alleged series of fresh allegations of financial impropriety against the state government.

• August 6, 2013: To the EFCC titled RE: ALLEGATION OF CORRUPTION AGAINST LAGOS STATE GOVERNMENT: EFCC SHOULD INVESTIGATE – REMINDER to the original petition of February 3, 2010 in which we made reference to the agency’s earlier invitation to us to come and adopt the said petition; an invitation we duly honoured, and expressed our displeasure at what appeared petition be the utter neglect or slow pace at which the anti-corruption agency had handled the matter and urged it to prevail on its personnel to speed up actions on our request to thoroughly investigate the allegations raised in the petition, make its report public and subsequently prosecute those indicted accordingly.

• September 9, 2013: To the EFCC titled FURTHER REMINDER ON ALLEGATION OF CORRUPTION AGAINST LAGOS STATE GOVERNMENT: EFCC SHOULD INVESTIGATE: CACOL complained as it did earlier over the apparent inaction of the agency and reiterated its expectations as regard its request for expediency on the part of the latter.

• February 25, 2014: To the EFCC titled FURTHER REMINDER ON ALLEGATION OF CORRUPTION AGAINST LAGOS STATE GOVERNMENT: EFCC SHOULD INVESTIGATE: We once again expressed our dissatisfaction at the apparent nonchalant attitude of the agency so far on the matter.

• May 29, 2015: To the ICPC and EFCC titled IMMUNITY IS NO LONGER AN EXCUSE FOR NOT QUESTIONING FASHOLA. RE; CALL FOR COMPREHENSIVE INVESTIGATION INTO THE ALLEGATIONS OF CORRUPT ACTIVITIES AGAINST THE LAGOS STATE GOVERNMENT – FURTHER REMINDER: CACOL in its reminder, had detailed the series of its previous petitions to the agencies and had reminded both agencies that they owed it a duty to the nation and its people from whom the government derived its authority to governance, to expedite actions on the petitions as a way of acknowledging the people’s right to accountability from those they elected to govern them. It further reminded the agencies that since the then governor of the state in person of Mr. Babatunde Fashola automatically loses the immunity privilege from the 29th May, 2015, they (the agencies) no longer have any excuse for withholding actions regarding investigation and prosecution as demanded.

CACOL said it was noteworthy that Fashola had enjoyed so much accolades from the media for exemplary performance as governor during his tenure, but added:“we make bold to say that all the media hype was a mere publicity stunt as they do not reflect the reality on ground.

“In the area of infrastructural development, for instance, especially as it concerns road networks, we implore you not to rely solely on media reports but make further efforts at using the machinery at your disposal to make on-the-spot findings and assessment of the true state of things in the state.

“It would also be recalled that Mr. Fashola has also been accused of constructing his personal website with the taxpaying Lagosians’ money to a tune of N78.3 million, whereas every IT person CACOL contacted put an over-bloated estimate of the cost of the website at about N6 million. We make bold to say that the N78.3 million website contract is a trademark of Mr. Fashola’s administration.

“The website contract is an eye opener and lending credence to the allegations of the ‘True Face of Lagos’ where most of the contracts awarded before 2010 were said to have been immorally inflated by the regime of Babatunde Raji Fashola.

“If the former governor could be justifying the cost of his personal website, no matter what he uses it for, then there may be many more shenanigans to be unearthed by the relevant anti-graft agencies.

“It is therefore unheard of that a government that promises frugality and prudence would bring on board a man who is synonymous with obscene affluence. We believe that such a person would be a clog in the wheel of progress rather than a driving force.

“We must state here that we are not out to witch-hunt anyone; rather we are only serving as the voice of the voiceless and of course, the whistle-blower.

“We also would like to sensitize you to the spill-over impact that mass protests and petitions from relevant quarters that might trail such appointment if eventually made, may have on this esteemed administration; this is why we consider it pertinent for you to do the needful by engaging in the necessary in-house cleaning ahead of the exercise.

“We and other well-meaning Nigerians wish this administration success in your quest to bring about that comprehensive change that we have all been yearning for.”

My nomination came as a surprise – Fayemi
A former governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, said on Tuesday that his nomination as a minister by President Muhammadu Buhari came as a surprise.

The ex-governor said he didn’t anticipate his inclusion in the President’s ministerial list.

He told journalists at the All Progress Congress (APC) National Secretariat that although he was with President Buhari till about 4:00pm on the day the list was submitted to the Senate President, the President never mentioned it to him that he was being considered for appointment.

Fayemi, who was the Director of Research and Strategy of the APC Presidential Campaign Council, is one of the 21 ministerial nominees submitted to the Senate by President Buhari.

He said, “Well, to the extent that I was not told by the President that I was going to be on his list, yes, it came as a surprise. The President is a surprise master, let me put it that way.

“He did not tell anyone to the best of my knowledge and I would have thought that I was in vantage position to know more than others. I was with him for five days before then, I was with him in New York at the United Nation General Assembly and he never said a word about his list to me nor to anyone else.

“We came back to Nigeria together, I was with him till 4:00pm on the evening he submitted the list to the President of the Senate and I didn’t have any clue of what is going to happen. So, to that extent I was pleasantly surprised.”

While describing the nomination as a call to service, Fayemi added: “One must thank the President for reposing confidence in us and we thank the party because when you look at the list, you will see that this is a galaxy of party men and women. These are people that have been very active and worked hard to ensure the victory of our party.

“And we also hold it as a duty to deliver on the promises made to Nigerians by the party. So it is a call to duty really, it involved a lot of work, service and sacrifice to Nigerians.”

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