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Monday, 24 November 2014

Abuja High Court Frees Aminu Oguche, Alleged Nyanya Bomber

Aminu Oguche and INTERPOL officials on his repatriation back to Nigeria in July 2014

A federal court in Abuja has freed Aminu Oguche, the suspected mastermind of the Nyanya bomb attack in Abuja, the News Agency of Nigeria has reported.

The court struck out a two-count terrorism charge against Mr. Ogwuche on Monday, after months of trial for the April 2014 attack which killed more than 70 people.

The court hinged its decision on lack of diligent prosecution by the state.

Mr. Ogwuche, a suspected Boko Haram member, was accused by the Nigerian government of being behind the attack.

The blast at the Nyanya Motor Park occurred during morning peak hours as residents were hurrying to work.

The government said Mr. Ogwuche fled to Sudan after coordinating the attack.

He was later repatriated to Nigeria to face charges.

Details of Monday’s ruling are sketchy and will be brought in our subsequent updates.


  1. This is a sick Judge, this man should be tried as a supporter of Boko Haram.

  2. This judge is Sick and must be seen as a supporter of Boko Haram, he should be checked