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Monday, 17 November 2014

Governor T.A Orji Is Asked By A Blogger Why He Won’t Just Retire In 2015 Than Go To Senate… gives epic response


Last week Friday, the governor of Abia state, Theodore Orji, held an interactive session with select bloggers, social media influencers and journalists in Umuahia, the state capital where he was quizzed on the performance of his administration in the last seven years.

In the course of the interaction , Orji justified why he has put himself forward to run for a senate seat next year.

Orji was asked why despite the fact that he served in the civil service for over 25 years, retiring as a permanent secretary, became chief of staff for eight years to former governor Orji Uzor Kalu, and has now served for seven years as governor, he still wishes to occupy another office. “You have done well so far, why don’t you just quit the stage in 2015, so others can do their bit?” the governor was asked.

In response, Gov. Orji said that “the senate project is the project of the people. The form I bought was  not with my money. You don’t just reject the wishes of the people like that.”

The governor then went on to narrate that even though he served as permanent secretary in the civil service, it was different from being chief of staff.

“Also, I was chief of staff for eight years and I did it diligently but there is a big difference between chief of staff and being governor. As chief of staff, you are a subordinate, you give your advise and the governor chooses to take it or leave it, but as governor you are in charge.

“These are all experiences. But I have not experienced the legislature, so let me experience that one too so I can become an all-rounder,” the governor concluded .

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