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Monday, 24 November 2014

I have not slept with another woman since I Wedded in 2007- Nollywood Actor Kenneth Okonkwo

Actor and politician, Kenneth Okonkwo, in an interview with City People magazine  this week said since he got married to his wife Ifeoma in 2007, he has been 100% faithful and have not had cause to cheat on the wife

"Since I got married, I have not had a carnal knowledge of any other lady but I have been very close to it, been tempted but Jesus has been helping me, it has not happened" He said.

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He said as an  actor who is always on location, whenever he has the urge for sex, he takes an excuse and leaves the location to go meet his wife...
"What does it take? If I am on location and I feel the need, I can fly in, see my babe and fly back to location. At times I would be on location and after a while, I will scream I just have to go home. I don't know how my body is feeling. I am that straight forward. I will announce it in public. And if I don't run that time, something will happen" he said

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