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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Stella Oduah’s Oil And Gas Company, SPG Reportedly Owes Staff Five Months Salary

Princess Stella Oduah’s Sea Petroleum and Gas Company Limited (SPG) is allegedly owing its workers five months salary and other entitlements.

Oduah is one of the major financiers of Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN), the frontline group campaigning for the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan next year.

DAILY POST gathered on Wednesday that despite splashing multi-million naira for the expansion of her business empire after she was dropped as Aviation Minister, Oduah appears to have forgotten those on payroll in SPG.

Sources said the situation had caused disquiet within the company with some staff hinting at their resignation by the end of the year, if there was no improvement.

According to them, while the situation persists, some of their boss’s gas stations at the Lekki area of Lagos were wearing new colour.

Oduah established the oil marketing company in 1992 after she left NNPC and today, SPG is one of leading independent oil marketers in Nigeria, the source stated.

However, the SPG is not the only arm of Oduah’s business empire that is feeling the heat.
Paparazzi, a weekly tabloid, which has its office in Abuja, the nation’s capital has not paid its staff 3 months salaries.

It has also asked them to vacate their offices, an indication that the paper is shutting down.

Furthermore, other media organizations she opened to run the 2015 campaign for President Goodluck Jonathan – Citizens Mail and Courage – have equally been shut down, throwing workers and Editors into panic as they were not compensated.

A Citizens Mail staff, who pleaded anonymity, said “shortly after we were shut down without pay, our MD died of stroke. This is what Stella has caused us.

“Again, the Managing Editor of Nigerian Courage, Mr. Gabriel Abutu died shortly after the paper folded. This is unfair. You do not capitalize on the fact that there are no jobs to punish family men and women”, she lamented.

Seemingly unperturbed by the plight of these Nigerians, Oduah has indicated her interest to represent her senatorial district, Anambra North in the National Assembly come 2015, a seat the incumbent, Senator, Margaret Okadigbo wants to retain.

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