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Sunday, 30 November 2014

"I Put Off Having A Baby For Six Years Because Of My Musical Career"- Lara George

Popular Gospel Musician Lara George had   a riveting chat session with vanguard where she opened up on the reason why she had to wait for six years before taking in

In a riveting chat session
 Let hear her:

I was pregnant. It wasn’t that I had any issues getting pregnant but you know the life of a woman, time  and chance just come to make it come together. We had put off having a baby for about six years. Each year came and I wasn’t ready.

So for everything to be smooth when I wanted to have the baby, I was grateful for that. I was grateful for family. I looked around me and found that there was nobody missing. Everybody was intact .I could call on family and friends around me.

I looked at my work and I was grateful. Sometimes,  I just get on the internet and somebody sends me     a message from Malaysia thanking me, for a song that I did that  ministered  to them. Someone saying their marriage is still together just because I wrote a song. I thought about all these things and I was thankful.

Absolutely, for me and my career making babies    has to be something I would be ready for. We (my husband and I) couldn’t deny the fact it would have an effect on my career, no matter how you wanted to look at it. My husband knew the effect the first child had on me so we decided to space it. Just when he was getting impatient, God made it happen.

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