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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Popular OAP Yaw Recounts Days Of Trekking Around Lagos...


Popular on-air-personality cum actor, Steve Onu better known as Yaw has revealed that he once trekked from one end of Lagos, Festac to another end on the island.

While speaking on a television show, Trending in a recent appearance, the actor encouraged Nigerian youth by highlighting how poverty dealt with him in his younger days but how he held on to his dreams to get to where he is today. In his words: ‘One thing I know I did that brought me this far was staying stubborn to my dreams. I was called all sorts of names, yet I never relented.
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There was a point one of my uncles suggested I go learn mechanic or carpentry works, but I refused. I’m not saying those kinds of works are bad, but I know what I wanted. Because of my refusal, my uncle called me all kinds of names and even told me that I won’t make it in life, but here I am today. ‘There were times I trekked from Festac to island, from Surulere to island.

In fact, I was a trekker then but I never gave up because I know what I wanted. If anyone wants to really make it and be successful in his or her endeavours, then believe in your dreams and stay stubborn to it.’ Yaw ranks among the top on-air personalities in the country, he anchors the breakfast show on Wazobia FM ‎and is a notable industry heavyweight..

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