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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Senior Police Officer Brutalizes, Damages Mr Smart Brain For Allegedly Scratching His Jeep

Brutalised Akhanolu Smart

A senior police officer attached to Ire Akari Estate Police Station at Isolo, DSP Adeola Timothy Falowo has been accused of attacking a man and damaging his brain in the course of an attack in Lagos state, Southwest, Nigeria.

The victim, Alkanolu Smart has been confined on a hospital bed and his fate uncertain as doctors confirmed that the attack affected his brain which caused total break down of his nervous system.

Doctors said he might not be able to work properly again after it was discovered that he had internal bleeding which led to partial stroke that has paralyzed him.

On 15 July 2014, Smart was returning home from work via Cele Express to Egbe-Ikotun. He boarded tricycle (Keke Napep) but on getting to Jakande Estate and he decided to disembark from the Keke because of a traffic jam.

According to reports, Falowo came down from Jeep and held him, mistaking him for Keke rider. He accused him of scratching his Pathfinder Jeep but Smart’s attempt to explain that he was a passenger not the rider fell on deaf ears.

And before Smart could explain further, he began to beat him before he then hit his head with an unknown object. Some unknown persons also joined him in battering is victim.

After he was battered, Falowo bundled Smart into the boot of his jeep and took to Ejigbo Police Division where he was detained and made to pay N65,000 before he was released.

He said he was eventually released the next day after they discovered that he was inflicted with serious injuries and his health deteriorating.

He said he contacted his relation who took him to different hospitals where he was rejected because of his case had gone worse. He was later taken to a specialist at Benin in Edo State.

He said it was at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, UBTH that it was discovered that he had internal bleeding which caused total break down of his nervous system. He said he has since spent over N600,000 and he is yet to recover.

He said when he contacted Falowo concerning his condition but that the policeman did not show any remorse rather he threatened to deal with him again.

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