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Monday, 14 September 2015

I could have died at the age of 26 – 2face Idibia reveals in a new interview

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As we count down to the 4oth birthday celebration of Nigerian singer 2face Idibia, the singer recounts his near death experience when he was 26 years old as he thanks God for the gift of life. In an exclusive chat with NET, 2face narrates the famous car crash he had back in 2001 that left him unconscious saying, ‘It was in Lagos. I was driving from Kuramo beach then.

That time Kuramo beach day reign. I was drunk, like I don kpeff so tey I day use the moto do video game. I dey do like say na Grand Theft Auto I dey. As I reach the bend I couldn’t even… you know these street poles with concrete base. Picture that kian concrete based na na him I gbabam so tey as I day jam the thing I off. E just be like say them switch one light for my body. Na hospital where them day sow the stitch na I wake up. I was unconscious’. 2face continued saying, ‘Yeah! That time when I woke up in the hospital I was like men, so that’s how I would have just gone like that? It was crazy and after that accident I started having speed phobia. I started having speed phobia’...

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