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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Two Uganda's Homosexual, Rihana & Kim Beaten Up after Landlord Discovered They were Gay

According to the story shared about them on the Instagram  page, in early 2014, Rihana & Kim were evicted by their landlord when he found out they were gay. They were forced from their home and severely beaten by ther neighbours, local community.

 The police intervened, but arrested the victims of the violence rather than the attackers.

Rihana & Kim were charged with 'committing homosexuality' and spent several months in prison awaiting trial. The couple told WhereLoveisIllegal:

“We were arrested on 6th Jan 2014. We were taken to prison and we had hard life e.g we were beaten, forced to do hard work. We spent five months there and we came out but we are suffering a lot and we are not feeling well about the society.

The reason why we were taken to prison is that we were charged of homosexuality (or being gays).

Why they chose to answer Rihana and Kim is what baffles me.

Photo credit: @Hammond_Robin.

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