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Friday, 18 September 2015

Meet The Nigerian Celebrity Tailor Whose Dress Costs As Much As N700,000 (PHOTO)

Deola Sagoe is a celebrity Nigerian fashion designer. I call her this because she has now become a celebrity icon in Nigerian fashion industry. She started designing in 1998 and received practically no support from her wealthy father. Currently, she now has a thriving fashion designing business called House of Deola Sagoe situated in Lagos with over 20 foreign staff (Chinese) and has won numerous awards including her participation at the just concluded New York Fashion week.

She works with native Nigerian fabrics like “Adire” and “Aso Oke” in designing most of her clothes. She is one of the most influential tailors in Nigeria with extensive client base within and outside Nigeria.

In a recent interview with Al Jazeera, Deola says; “my father told me if i have any idea how much i will make selling cars compared to selling clothes? But if that is what you want to do, then count me out. I will not be involved. So my solo journey began.”

Her father started making money when he got his first job as a Toyota sales man back in 1971. He did a record sale of 40 cars in 4 weeks. 6 years later he took over the Toyota franchise in Nigeria. And since then, he never looked back!He is currently one of the biggest investors in Nigerian Tourism Industry. He wanted her to  join Elizade group  and one day take over his business empire but she stubbornly declined.

Now, House of Deola Sagoe is the number one go-to by who is who in Nigeria for clothes designs and Her dresses can cost as much as N700,000 (per one). WOW!

Her father practically told her she was wasting her time doing this business and when she starts winning awards, he became proud of her and recently, he admittedly said he never knew that “this was her calling”.

This has proved that if you have a dream, don’t let anyone stop you. And with proper dedication and hard work, you will excel. For upcoming fashion designers, Deola Sagoe is one icon worth emulating and her story is really an inspiration 

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