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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Police Arrests Married Man With Four Kids Over Homosexuality In Abuja

IG Of Police
 A forty-six year old man has been arrested at Abia Line Transport Company by the Utako police division for attempting To Molest a 19 -year-old man.

According to the victim, Chidi Uzokwu,who is a car washer at Abia Line Transport, Charles Owula, a married man with four kids, was arrested while trying To Molest him.

The victim told our reporter that Mr. Owula approached him last Thursday and asked him why he chose to wash the car instead of cruising many cars himself.

“I bought bread and soft drink when he approached me and asked me why a fine boy like me would choose to engage in a job like car washing. I told him that I was with my elder sister who was maltreating me and I had no other place to go than to do this business. That was when he told me that I would be rich if I allowed him to have anal sex with me. I was scared. I went and told the manager of the park who told me to ignore him. He pleaded that I gave him my phone number which I did based on advice another colleagues gave me,- and throughout that night, he called me telling me romantic things,” he said.

Chidi said the suspect came back on Friday with two different bags; he handed the bags to him and pleaded that he would get more if he slept with him.

He said he returned to the manager and other drivers in the park to tell them how the father of four was pestering him. He added that when he decided to use the rest room soon after, he got the shock of his life when the suspect tried to grab him from behind, attempting To Molest him.

City News gathered that at this point, Uzokwu raised alarm and other park workers came to his rescue,and were about lynching the suspect but for the intervention of Utako police patrol team.

The suspect confirmed the story to our reporter and hinted that he started enjoying anal sex with different men after he harboured a corps member who served in Abuja last year.

“The day the corps member arrived my house, my wife and children were not around. He started touching me and when I questioned his attitude, he promised that I was going to enjoy it. From that time, the spirit of homosexuality overtook me,” he said.

He confessed that he had slept with more than 12 children between the ages of 10-14 years old in Gwagwa and other rich men while crying that someone should pray for his deliverance.

The Utako divisional police officer, Chief Superintendent Patrick Daaor confirmed the arrest and praised the 19 -year-old boy for not giving in to the temptation.

He said that the suspect will be charged to court for unnatural sex offenses under the Penal Code.

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