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Monday, 3 November 2014

Fake Kenyan pastor Kanyari strips sick woman naked in church (VIDEO)

Controversial Kenyan Pastor Victor Kanyari Mwangi while evangelizing in his church, Salvation Healing Ministries recently called up a sick woman from the congregation and proceeded to have his helps undress her top and parade her in front of the audience in a bid to make spiritual healing statement.

The video which was reportedly broadcasted on UTV saw Kanyari ordering his ushers to strip down the woman, whose breasts remained exposed to the congregants all in the name of praying for her.
Scroll down for video…

This video caught the attention of many Kenyans who lashed out on the controversial pastor for taking advantage of the poor.

Last year, the pastor also paraded a semi-nude boy on TV and
announced his HIV positive status before his congregation and viewers.

Mr. Kanyari made the young boy walk through a large congregation gathered for a church service/crusade while the boy was only dressed in long pants.

According to jambonewspot, the frail looking boy was then left at the front of the church on full display after he was stripped down to a pair of shorts he was wearing under his long pants as he looked nervously on.

After Pastor Kanyari revealed the boy’s HIV positive status and exposed the boys frail body as “evidence”, the pastor proceeded to ask for a MPESA seed of Ksh310 to pray for the boy to be healed.

A cross-section of Kenyans cried foul after watching the programme and blasted the pastor and KISS TV for the programme. Many accused the pastor of child exploitation and endangerment.

Pastor Kanyari is husband to gospel singer Betty Bayo.

In a related development, the same Kenya Pastor has been exposed on KTN’s Jicho Pevu story by reporters Mohammed Ali and John Allan Namu. The pastor has been claiming to perform miracles for a long time.

This came after reports that pastor Mwangi of the Salvation Healing Ministry located at Cross road, Nyamakima R Towers in Nairobi, has been getting paid in exchange for the miracles.

In the expose, the reporters revealed how Pastor Kanyari changed contacts to avoid being caught, used different Identification Cards and how he deceived unknowing faithfuls all in the name of healing them.

Kanyari’s wife, singer Betty Bayo, also came out with her response saying, “Anything that is unholy ..anything ..thats is ungodly.. anything that contradicts my faith… Anything that mock the God who got me from wilderness humble beginning and raised me for His glory… i rather DIE ..than be part of it..”

Check out the video below:

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