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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

From Gerrarra Here Mehn To A Millionaire ! Francis Odega Grabs Etisalat Endorsement

I tell you God & social media is amazing!

When God says it is your time, brethren, no force can stop that declaration

Frank Odega has been hustling in Nollywood for over a decade.

And then late last year a clip of him taken from a old Nollywood movie saying,“Gerrarra Hia Mehn Shiiiiiiiii” went viral & over night he became a viral sensation, even rapper 50 cent shared the now famous clip on his Instagram page!

If you’re active on social media you must have seen the “Gerrara Here” clip or seen the meme!

Anyways Odega has gone from viral star to brand ambassador for telecoms giant Etisalat Nigeria. He stars in their latest ad and we could not be happier for him!

See the viral video that captured him to fame and apparently made the Etisalat deal possible below 

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