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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Dr Mike Okonkwo, Presiding Bishop of TREM rewards Josephine Ugwu who returned N12m found in airport toilet

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Josephine Ugwu  found N12m in airport toilet & returned the  money intact. Owner picked the cash and didn't give her a kobo

Amazingly, Josephine returned 7,000 dollars (12m) whilst earning 15,000 Naira  and she returned it without taking a kobo!

Apparently from Josephine testimony,   this was not the first time Josephine Ugwu would find money and return to their owners

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Previously she had returned at various times 600,000 Naira  and 3million naira, she  Stayed true to her God and returned 12million!

 Josephine Ugwu isn't a member of TREM but she got the church's BLENT Award for these valiant acts of great and commendable character!

See more photos below:

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 Source: Oogbeni Olumide

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