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Friday, 17 April 2015

Ondo Strange Sickness: Community Begins Sacrifice To Appease The Angry gods(Photos)

appeasing the gods

Ode-Irele community of Ondo state has on Friday begun the process of cleansing the land in a bid to appease the gods over the plague it believes was brought to them by the persons who stole from their shrine.

Recall that in the past three days about 31 persons have been reportedly killed by a strange disease which manifest first with headaches and later loss of sight before victims die.

Confirming the news, an indigene of the community told journalists  that the victims died specifically for stealing from the shrine and cutting the head of a dead victim who was killed by the gods.

The artefact which was stolen was of high value our source added stating that the victims had sold the item for their personal gain.

However, the head that was removed from the shrine was intended to be used for money rituals, our source said.

This singular transaction invoked the wrath of the gods who struck the 20 people that were involved with the unknown disease that killed the victims within 24 hours.

Against circulated reports across the net, our source said the disease was never transmittable as the gods killed only those involved in the transaction.

Nigerian Times report that, the Malokun diety as disclosed by a traditional source in the state has killed all its victims and no more spread of the disease or death is expected.

  An indigene of the community, who spoke with Dailypost, said it was revealed to the traditional priest that Malokun goddess, worshiped in the community has not been happy with the people. Ojagbanitemi alleged that Malokun goddes was angry at the desecration of its shrine. He said:

    “Malokun goddess is angry with us and this has been revealed by our priests. We have begun the spiritual cleansing with all women in the town fetching a bucket of water each to pour at Malokun shrine”.

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