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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Photos: Lagos Lawyer Recounts how He was Robbed in Traffic at Mile 2 Lagos(Photos)

Micheal Dedon, a senior associate lawyer at Giwa-Osagie & Co, shared his sad encounter with robbers last night while in traffic.

Hear him as he narrates his traumatic experience in his own words

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Reeling from the gruesome murder of my friend, former classmate and colleague this was what I was confronted with yesterday night in the ever present Mile 2 traffic gridlock, gunmen smashing my car's side window and robbing me at gun point. I think I have to take all relevant authorities (federal and state) to task on this incident being that it's not the first time. We cannot continue to have this man made traffic gridlock at Apapa extending to Mile 2 coupled with the never ending road construction work on the Lagos Badagry Expressway with the attendant suffering visited on Lagosians living in that axis.

 This has been on for about 8 years and the situation doesn't seem to be abating anytime soon. I need some good lawyers to collaborate with me on this.

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