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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Goodluck Jonathan: I am The Luckiest Nigerian Alive

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Taking into cognisance his political rise from being a deputy governor to governor and later vice president to president, President Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday said providence had smiled on him as he remained the luckiest Nigerian.

Jonathan disclosed this when he received a delegation of Christians who paid him an Easter homage at the presidential villa.

According to him, in the last 16 years, he had always been in government houses and fed with public funds.

"I am one of the luckiest Nigerians.  For 16 years, I have been taken care by government. I think it is enough and I thank God for that. I continue to thank Nigerians for the opportunity. Today, I must say Iam grateful to this country," he said.

 He said: “I thank you for coming to encourage us. This easter period coincide with when I’m leaving but I always say I’m one of the luckiest Nigerian. From 1999 I have been in the hands of government. I am yet to see somebody luckier than me. I was in the hands of governments for 16 years, not in government as a parliamentarian, because if you are in the national assembly or state house of assembly, you take care of yourself in your house I was in a cage being taken care of by the government. But I think it is enough and I am happy, help me to thank God for that.

“I will continue to thank Nigerians for giving me that privilege. I became deputy governor because Baylesans voted for me and governor then. I became VP because Nigerians voted for me and Yar’Adua. And Nigerians for me and Sambo, we have to thank all Nigerians. Wherever I will be I have to thank all Nigerians. Today is a glorious day for me,” he added

He thanked the delegation for the homage paid to him, saying Easter was a period to reflect on the essence of "our belief. Because we believe without the resurrection there would not have been ‎Christianity.

"Whenever we talk about this period, the key lesson there is sacrifice. Somebody sacrificed for our own salvation.

"So as a people, as a government what I always believe ‎we should ask what sacrifice are you making. 
Now is not about supporting Jonathan or government, now Buhari is coming on board, it's not about supporting Burhari or government but what sacrifice as individuals are you willing to make for government and for the nation.

"If you are a businessman and you say you are supporting government but you don't pay tax how do you expect that government to survive? That government will not survive.

"While in Bayelsa State as a deputy governor, people used to come to me to say I'm loyal. Don't tell me you are loyal, tell me  I'm patriotic to the country and that you believe in Bayelsa State.

"To me whenever I travel to different countries and see things work, those things didn't fall down as manner; people made sacrifice, therefore in Nigeria people must also be ready to make the required sacrifice."

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